The Research Strategy

In accordance with our commitment as a University Department, the Department of Haematology at Aalborg Hospital has a research programme with focus on one or several aspects of the clinical courses of our patients as described in our “A regional translational research programme for malignant B cell disorders”.


Main Project Area 

  • Cancer stem cells in lymphoma and multiple myelomas
  • Murine models of lymphomagenesis
  • MicroRNAs in initiation and development of B cell lymphomas
  • Impact of genetic lesions and mutations (SNP chip, GEP)
  • Individualized chemosensitivity prediction
  • Clinical trials


Ongoing PhD Programmes

  • Targeting multidrug resistance mechanisms in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
  • Late toxicities of steroid-including immunochemotherapy regimens for patients with lymphoma
  • Long-term complications following treatment for haematological malignancies: Neuropathy and Cognitive Impairment
  • Decision Support Tools for Precision Oncology
  • Impact of genetic variations on molecular subtypes and outcome of DLBCL
  • Socioeconomic impact, late toxicities and long-term outcomes following treatment for haematological cancers


Ongoing Scholarships

  • Angst og depression hos patienter med akut myeloid leukæmi: et nationalt registerstudie
  • The impact of Cisplatin on DNA damage response in DLBCL



Aarhus University (Aarhus Universitet)
Aalborg  University Hospital Science and Innovation Center (Forskningens Hus)


Departments of Haematology in DK

Aalborg University Hospital
H:S Rigshospitalet
Odense University Hospital (Odense Universitetshospital)
KAS Herlev
Aarhus Hospital (Århus Sygehus)



Dansk Hæmatologisk Selskab
Nordic Myeloma Study Group