Grants from Karen Elise Jensen Fonden

8 June 2020 Karen Dybkær and Marianne Tang Severinsen have each received a grant from Karen Elise Jensen. Karen Dybkær has received DKK 3.000.000 from Karen Elise Jensen Fonden for the project “Behandlingsresistens i maligne B-celle blodsygdomme – kombination af CRISPR-baseret Read more

Researchers from our Research Section win competition

19 June 2020 Research teams from all over the world have competed to see who are the best at predicting the outcome of cancer treatments, and researchers from our Haematological Research Section have taken a prestigious victory. Read more here:  

Grant from Kræftens Bekæmpelse

12 June 2020 Karen Dybkær has received DKK 2.325.000from Kræftens Bekæmpelse for the project “Molekylære kendetegn for patienter med diffus storcellet B-celle lymfom, som har effektivt respons på behandling med bortezomib”. Read more here  

Grant from Harboe Fonden

13 February 2020 Linnéa Schmidt has received 50,000 DKK from the Harboe Foundation for the project ”Exploring actionable stratifications of B-cell cancer patients using CRISPR/Cas9 genetic screening”. The study aims at identifying treatment resistance genes in the B-cell malignancy diffuse Read more


30 December 2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 Last row: Lars, Rasmus, Martin, Charles, Mads, Daniel, Alex, Heidi, Louise Middle row: Issa, Inger Lise, Pernille, Linnéa, Marijana, Karen, Anne, Helle, Julie Front row: Eva, Marianne, Anne, Louise, Lise, Andreas To all Read more