Thomas Yssing Michaelsen


Master of Science (MSc) in Biology

Education: Master of Science (MSc) in Biology

Work area: My research is focused on implementing the B-cell-associated gene signature (BAGS) classification system for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). Using novel gene expression technologies, I am working towards the implementation of gene expression profiling as a routine clinical tool for prognosis and treatment guidance for DLBCL patients.

I am also applying high-dimensional bioinformatics and correlation network analysis to uncover the underlying biology of BAGS assigned DLBCL subtypes as mechanisms of pathogenesis, signaling pathways, and genetic abnormalities.


Aalborg University Hospital
Department of Haematology
Science and Innovation Center
Sdr. Skovvej 15
DK-9000 Aalborg


Phone: +45 97 66 63 19
Fax: +45 97 66 63 23