PhD thesis – Liesbeth Bieghs, 7 June 2016

27 June 2016
On Tuesday 7 June 2016, master in Biomedical Sciences, Liesbeth Bieghs, Department of Haematology, defended her PhD thesis with the title: “The IGF system in multiple myeloma: exploring diagnostic and therapeutic potential”.


The defence took place at Aarhus University. Liesbeht’s PhD degree is a result of a cooperation between Aarhus University / Aalborg University and Vrije University, Brussels, Belgium.



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Photo: Liesbeth Bieghs, senior researcher Julie Støve Bødker,  associate professor Mette Nyegaard (supervisor from Aalborg University) and professor Karen Dybkær.

Assessment committee – chairman


  • Prof. Dr. MD. DMSc. Marianne Hokland, Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus Univeristy, Aarhus, Denmark

Assessment committee – opponents:

  • Prof. Dr. MD. DSc. Moustapha Kassem, Department of Endocrinoloogy, KMEB, University of Southern Denmark, Odense C, Denmark
  • Associate Prof. Dr. MD. Anja Seckinger, Department of Internal Medicine V: Hematology, Oncology and Reumatology, Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Ivan Van Riet, Department of Clinical Hematology – Stem Cell Laboratory, UZ Brussel Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium

Promotors – Denmark

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Mette Nyegaard, Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Toft Overgaard, Department of Chemistry and Biocience, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

Promoters – Belgium

  • Prof. Dr. Karin Vanderkerken, Department of Hematology and Immunology, Virje universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Elke De Bruyne, Department of Hematology and Immunology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium


  • 7 June 2016, 15.00 hours



  • Bartholinbygning at Aarhus University.