The Research Strategy

In accordance with our commitment as a University Department, the Department of Haematology at Aalborg Hospital has a research programme with focus on one or several aspects of the clinical courses of our patients as described in our “A regional translational research programme for malignant B cell disorders”.


Main Project Area 

  • Cancer stem cells in lymphoma and multiple myelomas
  • Murine models of lymphomagenesis
  • MicroRNAs in initiation and development of B cell lymphomas
  • Impact of genetic lesions and mutations (SNP chip, GEP)
  • Individualized chemosensitivity prediction
  • Clinical trials


Ongoing PhD Programmes

  • MicroRNA in DLBCL with nodal and extranodal manifestation
  • Polymorfier i immunregulerende signalmolekyler – relation til overlevelse og sygdomsaktivitet ved B-celle sygdomme
  • Studies of small discrete populations of B cells by microarray technology – in search of cancer stem associated genes in multiple myeloma
  • The IGF system in multiple myeloma. Exploring diagnostic and therapeutic potentials
  • Identification and characterization of new genes involved in lymphomagenesis and evaluation of their potential as biomarkers and therapeutic targets
  • Stem cell related transcription factors in normal and malignant lymphopoiesis
  • The role of miRNA and AID in B-cell malignancies
  • The role of PAX5, BCL6, and PRDM1 isoforms in B cell differentiation and malignancies
  • Statistical methods for repeated measures of xanax generic data and the systems biology of B-cell differentiation
  • Statistical Models Studying Potential Biomarkers for Prediction of Chemotherapy Outcome
  • Functional analysis of microRNAs determining chemosensitivity in B-cell malignancies by lentiviral transducion of human cancer B cell lines.


Ongoing Scholarships

  • Retrospektiv vurdering af kvaliteten af behandlingsrespons ved akut myeloid leukæmi og betydning for prognosen – grant from The Danish Cancer Society



Aarhus University (Aarhus Universitet)
Aalborg  University Hospital Science and Innovation Center (Forskningens Hus)


Departments of Haematology in DK

Aalborg University Hospital
H:S Rigshospitalet
Odense University Hospital (Odense Universitetshospital)
KAS Herlev
Aarhus Hospital (Århus Sygehus)



Dansk Hæmatologisk Selskab
Nordic Myeloma Study Group