PhD Projects

Supervisor responsibilities

PhD students

Charles Vesteghem, Master of Science in Engineering, Department of Haematology
Project: Decision Support Tools for Precision Oncology

Supervisor: Martin Bøgsted (AalborgUH)
Co-supervisors: Ursula Falkmer, Dept. of Oncology (AalborgUH), Rasmus Froberg Brøndum (AalborgUH), Karen Dybkær (AalborgUH)


Mia Sommer, cand.scient.san., Department of Haematology
Project: Health-related quality of life in patients with recurrent hematological disease

Supervisor: Mette Grønkjær (AalborgUH)
Co-supervisors: Tarec El-Galaly (AalborgUH), Martin Bøgsted (AalborgUH), Erik Elgaard Sørensen (AalborgUH)


Hanne Due Rasmussen, cand. scient., Department of Haematology
Project:The impact of microRNAs on drug response in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma

Supervisor: Karen Dybkær (AalborgUH)
Co-supervisors: Martin Bøgsted (AAU), Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen (AU) Anne Stidsholt Roug (AU)


Marijana Nesic, cand. scient., Department of Haematology
Project: Impact of genetic variations on molecular subtypes and outcome of DLBCL

Supervisor: Karen Dybkær (AalborgUH)
Co-supervisors: Martin Bøgsted (AAU), Inge Søkilde (AAU), Tarec C El-Galaly (AAU)


Andreas Kiesbye Øvlisen, registrar, Department of Haematology
Project: Socioeconomic impact, late toxicities and long-term outcomes following treatment for haematological cancers

Supervisor: Marianne Tang Severinsen (AalborgUH)
Co-supervisors: Lasse Hjort Jakobsen (AalborgUH), Tarec El-Galaly (AalborgUH), Martin Bøgsted (AalborgUH), Kristian Hay Kragholm (AalborgUH)


Thesis students

Ann-Kathrine Hyttel Rom Pedersen,, Department of Haematology
Project: Cisplatin Sensitivity in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma Patients and the Influence of Mutations in DNA Repair Genes

Supervisor: Karen Dybkær (AalborgUH)
Co-supervisors: Julie Støve Bødker (AalborgUH), Hanne Due Rasmussen (AalborgUH)


Issa Ismail Issa,, Department of Haematology
Project: Chemotherapy resistance in CRISPR/Cas9-mediated WEE1 knockout cells

Supervisor: Karen Dybkær
Co-supervisors: Hanne Due Rasmussen (AalborgUH), Johann Mar Gudbergsson (AU)