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 The Haematology Research Laboratory



At the Hematological Research Laboratory, Aalborg University Hospital, we strive to explore the molecular mechanisms that underlie cellular function and contribute to human disease. In a multidisciplinary effort that spans molecular biology, medicine, and biostatistics we aim at deconstructing cellular differentiation derived chemotherapy resistance as a driver of cancer progression in several hematological malignancies and translate these discoveries into new diagnostic, prognostic and predictive characteristics.


The Hematological Research Laboratory integrate cell analysis, genome scale high throughput technologies, functional single gene analysis and biostatistics combined with computational modeling in our approach to link cellular differentiation, disease development and chemotherapy resistance.

Our mission is through research to ensure hematological patients the optimal diagnosis and treatment. We pursue this by focusing on specific areas of research where we can increase the understanding of the mechanisms behind the initiation and development as well as intrinsic or acquired treatment resistance of malignant hematological cancers. We develop methods for the determination of individual resistance rating and aim at creating evidence of clinical efficacy for implementation.

The Hematological Research Laboratory has a biobank where retrospective biomaterials collected from incoming patients at time of diagnosis from Region Nord to Aalborg University Hospital are stored with approval from the local ethic committee. Normal reference bio-material like mononuclear cells from peripheral blood, bone marrow, non-malignant lymph nodes, thymus, spleen and tonsils are likewise stored with approval from the local ethic committee.


Available equipment, measurement techniques etc.

  • Agilent’s Bioanalyzer and Nano-Drop to validate RNA integrity and concentration,
  • Affymetrix GeneChip System is established to run microarrays.
  • Mx3000 and a Ligthcycler used for real time qPCR.
  • Microtiter plate reader Optima-Fluostar used for systematic dose response screens monitoring GI50 via absorbance measurements of proliferation and systematic transfections of cell cultures.
  • A flow cytometry facility containing a FACSaria and a FACS Canto allowing single cell analysis and sorting.
  • A classified cell culture laboratory with incubators and LAF-benches enables set-up of in vitro assays.
  • Gel electrophoresis, blotting and imaging equipments used for fragment analysis, band quantification and ChIP.


Research areas and ongoing studies:

  • Leukemias, lymphomas and multiple myeloma.
  • Cellular differentiation.
  • Chemotherapy resistance.
  • Global genome and transcriptome analysis.
  • Functional single gene studies.
  • Biostatistic development of classification and prediction algorithms.


List of collaborators:


Haematological departments

  • Rigshospitalet
  • Århus Universitetshospital
  • Odense Universitetshospital
  • Herlev Hospital
  • Roskilde Sygehus
  • Vejle Sygehus


  • Dansk Lymfom Gruppe (DLG)
  • Akut Leukæmi Gruppe (ALG)
  • Dansk Studiegruppe for Myeloproliferative Sygdomme (DSKMS)
  • Dansk Myelomatose Studiegruppe (DMSG)



  • Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam
  • Vrij University, Brüssel
  • Royal Marsden, London
  • Salamanca University
  • University of Texas MD Anderson, Houston
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha
  • University of Cambridge
  • Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University
  • Department of Biomedicine - Department of Human Genetics, Aarhus University
  • Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Aalborg University

Cooperation - clinical protocols


  • Hemato-Oncologie voor Volwassenen Nederland (HOVON)
  • Nordic Lymphoma Groupm NLG)
  • Nordisk Myelomatose Studie Gruppe (NMSG)
  • Nordic MDS-Group
  • Cardiff University
  • University of Birmingham



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